The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 18
Sk'ar decides Drugar must die, fights Orcs

Undeterred by low powers and weakness after major battles, Sk’ar and allies confront Drugar slaver scum in Drugar shop at Hall of Seven Pillars.

Drugar are not conversant and attack Bloodbane. Sk’ar refuses to fight and Bloodbane retreat. Hall Security arrive and side with evil Drugar.

Bloodbane retire to inn. Later, Thunderspire Wizards comes to find Bloodbane and offer quest to locate missing wizard in return for gratitude from Thunderspire Wizards.

Negotiations and trading gets Bloodbane map to Drugar secret lair and Bloodbane set off to recue slaves once more.

Drugar lair is fortress built across massive cavern inside Thunderspire. Gates are guarded by tiny giants called Orcs.

Bloodbane make total hash of cunning plan to get past portcullis but with Replacement Magic-User using feywalking and Sk’ar and Goat Boy forcing up portcullis by strength alone Bloodbane gain entry to Drugar Fortress and kill nasty Orcs.

Chapter 17
Sk'ar fights Hobgoblins, and Goblins, and Humans, and Dire Wolves, and Drugar

One long fight ensues.

Bloodbane pull back to let Goat Boy recover. Sk’ar blockades corridor with goblins beds while Elf Ranger scouts around back entrance.

Elf Ranger scouts to doorway on upper level of lair of Bloodreavers. Elf Ranger listens at door as door is yanked open. Leader of Bloodreavers and group of hobgoblins, humans and goblins are in upper room trying to sneak around behind Bloodbane.

Fights begins. Goat Boy and Elf Wizard go to help Elf Ranger. Sk’ar tries to stay behind to guard for rear attack but cannot stay away from combat. Sk’ar charges up back staircase to rear door of room where Bloodreavers are fighting from. Sk’ar charges up back staircase to door Replacement Magic-User jammed earlier.

Sk’ar kcks down door and roars a challenge. Bloodreavers are all momentarily cowed so Elf Wizard fireballs all of room causing much damage.

Sk’ar enters fray. Much blood ensues. Elf Wizard, Elf Ranger and Goat Boy attack from one side, Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User from other side. Most of Bloodreavers in room are soon dead. A Hobgoblins flees and Goat Boy and Elf Wizard pursue. Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User return down back staircase to chamber doors where Drugar are trying to escape. Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User fight with Dire Wolves of Drugar. Elf Wizard backs Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User up while Goat Boy and Elf Wizard burst into chamber from upper level and find another fight with Hobgoblins Shaman and Hobgoblins archers.

Both fights are long. Sk’ar fights Drugar warriors, Elf Wizard fights Dire Wolves, Replacement Magic-User spends much time being savaged.

Eventually, Sk’ar, by the blessing of Holy Bahamut, slays Drugar, Dire Wolves are felled and long battle in chamber is ended as Bloodbane reunite for one last surge. One Hobgoblins, Sk’ar thinks it might be Hobgoblins Shaman, escapes into Thunderspire.

Bloodreavers are defeated and dead. Bloodbane are victorious but it phyrric victory as slaves are not here. Slaves have been sold on…

Chapter 16
Sk'ar finds things go wrong

In Seven Pillar Hall, party go to find information on Bloodreavers. Party find out Drugars are trading in hall who were known to buy slaves and that hall is run by mysterious Mages of Saurum.

The next morning Bloodbane set off for Chamber of Eyes using map drawn by Rescued Halfling. Listening at door Bloodbane could hear goblin guards talking on the other side.

Sk’ar distracted guards by demanding entrance while Elf Ranger led rest of Bloodbane up onto a balcony and into Bloodreavers’ lair through unguarded back door.

After many threats and indimidation, Sk’ar is able to bluff the goblins into opening the door. Rest of Bloodbane sneak up behind goblins.

Sk’ar smashed Aecris into the ear of Bugbear guard commander and rest of party attacked from behind. Goblins put up hard fight but party prevail again.

After fight Replacement Magic-User scouted out rest of base. Replacement Magic-User comes across two Drugars but retreats trying not to raise alarm. This plan does not work. This when things start to go wrong.

Party check out smaller rooms then try large double doors. Replacement Magic-User lead way, opening one of the doors and snaeking through followed by Sk’ar and Goat Boy. Straight into ambush. Giant Dires Wolves, two Drugars warriors, hobgoblins archers, hobgoblins shaman and hobgoblins warrior.

Fight befgins but party are outpowered – even Sk’ar! Goat Boy calls for a retreat in traditional Tiefling manner and Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User pull back. Unfortunately Goat Boy is unable to manouver from fight and gets smashed to the ground complaining all the way. Sk’ar prepared to charge back to resuce Goat Boy but Replacement Magic-User steps into Feywild, grabs Goat Boy and drags Goat Boy out of chamber.

Ambushers slam doors shut and partry are left licking wounds and wondering how to face reversal of fortunes.

Chapter 15
Sk'ar goes to big mountain

Once Bloodbane at Fallcrest Bloodbane see Lord Warden and tell off great adventures and new quest. Lord Warden not bothered enough to send city guards to catch hobgoblins. Lord Warden offers to make Bloodbane knights of Fallcrest but party Sk’ar must be free to follow will of Holy Bahamut.

Bloodbane are invited to visit Lady Allanda Markelhay, wife of the Lord Warden and Mistress to Elisa Darkbane – Lady Mage Sk’ar rescued from kobolds weeks ago. Lady Lord Warden traded ritual to create magic items in return for future quest.

Elf Wizard spent night learning the ritual and enchanting Sk’ar’s plate armour into Dwarven plate.

Bloodbane marched acroos country to reach Thunderspire, just hours after Bloodreavers. Sk’ar gets feeling no matter when Sk’ar had set off Sk’ar would not have reached Thunderspire before Reavers.

Bloodbane set off inot interior of Thunderspire. After few hours party meet Tiefling called Martaros. Tiefling lures party into trap by black goblins. Bloodbane kill goblins but Tiefling escapes.

Bloodbane heard sounds of argument coming from a chamber. Sk’ar sees a halfling cornered by Bloodreaver hobgoblins. Party fight and kill hobgoblins although Sk’ar is paralysed by incompetent spell cast by Goat Boy.

Thankful halfling, called Rendil, confirmed hobgoblins were Bloodreavers and that he knew the location of main base, the “Chamber of eyes”. Rendil promised to give the party a map or to guide then there but first took party to the Seven Pillar hall, the local gathering place.

Chapter 14
Sk'ar makes new friend, fights goblins from Fey Wild

Sk’ar and Bloodbane return again to Winterhaven for big celebration thrown by Lord Warden. Much merriment ensues.

The next day Bloodbane are called to meet Lord Warden. Bloodbane meet Nailin, an Elf Ranger and brother to Elf Flower Seller. This Elf not pale and skinny like Elf Wizard or dark and mysterious like Replacement Magic User. New Elf looks robust and hardy. Sk’ar is glad Sk’ar doesn’t have to educate this ranger like the last Elf ranger Sk’ar met.

Lord Warden explains that New Elf has brought news of Chief Kram and Bloodreavers taking prisoners to sell as slaves. Bloodreavers are heading for meeting with slavers near Thunder Mountain to north.

Bllodbane set off on forced march to try and head off Bloodreavers. Sk’ar and New Elf have stamina to spare on journey, not so much rest of Bloodbane.

In woods south of Fallcrest weather changes mysteriously – becomes heavy snow and ice. Going is hard. Bloodbane spy a small wagon train that has been pillaged by goblins led by Goblin Shaman.

Sk’ar leads attack. Actually, Sk’ar attacks with Sk’ar’s wingman Goat Boy. Rest of Bloodbane go for ranged attack option. New Elf’s bow skills are impressive and deadly.

Fight with Frost Goblins is long and furious. Terrian makes hard going for Sk’ar. Many wounds are taken and Frost Goblins prove resilient to the end. Eventually, Bloodbane prevail.

Sk’ar wishes to build funeral pyre to show poor, dead traders respect. Heathen Elf Wizard and Goat Boy object but Sk’ar insists it right thing to do.

Bllodbane follow tracks of Frost Goblins and realise wood is area of weak boundary between Earth and Fey Wild and Frost Goblins have crossed over. No sign of more goblins so Blodbane continue journey and reach Fallcrest.

Chapter 13
Sk'ar fights blue slime

After rest Bloodbane return to the Keep of Shadowfellonce again. We visit Ghost Paladin. Sk’ar is worried that rift is unprotected and whether Sk’ar should stay to keep rift guarded. Ghost Paladin tells Sk’ar that stars changed their alignment and rift would be far hard to breach. No need for Sk’ar to stay. Bloodbane then return statuettes of Holy Bahamut to hiding place in alter.

Bloodbane then explore maze of caves. Splug scouts again.

Bloodbane are attacked by smorgasbord of giant rats! Bloodbane also attacked by Kruthik which Sk’ar and Elf Wizard have fought before.

Bloodbane find pair of giant bronze doors with warning scratched into them. Splug says this water supply for keep before doors sealed order of Hobgoblins. Inside is large chamber mostly filled with pool of water.

Suddenly giant Blue slime burst out of water and attacks. Slime slames doors locking out Splug, Elf Wizard and Replacement Magic User and trapping IN Sk’ar and Goat Boy. Fight is long and hard but Bloodbane prevail.

Bloodbane find some treasure and magic items and message cylinder.

Message is signed Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers. Sk’ar suspects Bloodreavers will be next to taste justice of Holy Bahamut….

Chapter 12
Sk'ar gets Goat Boy back, loses Replacement Magic User, gets Replacement Magic User back

By the grace and power and benevolence of almighty Bahamut a miracle happens.

Shadowfell portal opens again and arm of Goat Boy repappears dragged by statue of Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar grabs arm and grags Goat Boy from portal. Alive!

Any reference to grief and bereavements of Sk'ar should be ignored. Sk'ar must have written under influence of befuddling magic. Obviously Goat Boy being from demonic race saved Goat Boy from destruction. Sk'ar tells Goat Boy to stop malingering.

Sk'ar gets Splug to throw down war hammer and dedecorates temple of Orcus. Then Bloodbane scale ropes to upper temple and begin to withdraw from catacombs. Bloodbane investigate "Danger" doorway before departure. Splug checks for traps. Splug seems to have grown a pair now Splug is on full share of treasure.

Doorway leads to a side passage and rooms. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and ghouls. Fight is tough but Bloodbane are prevailing. Suddenly Replacement Magic User is attacked by giant gelatinous cube. Sk'ar thinks gain of capricious gods with manuals of monsters. Replacement Magic User is enveloped by poisonous cube. Bloodbane fight hard to free Replacement Magic User. Sk'ar thinks a throwing hammer might have rescued Replacement Magic User but even Elf Wizard's fey walking cannot free comrade. By time cube is destroyed Replacement Magic User is dying.

Replacement Magic User is beyond healing powrs of Sk'ar but Elf Wizard comes to rescue. Elf Wizard uses ritual to place body and soul of Replacement Magic User in stasis. Bloodbane withdraw from keep and return to Winterhaven.

Wnterhaven is under close guard. Town is being attacked at night by undead from local cemetary. Bloodbane argue for wentry of Splug and promise best behavour. Bloodbane report on findings at keep to local lord and take body of Replacement Magic User to temple. Priestess takes body and begins a ritual to reunite body and soul of Replacement Magic User.

Party return to tavern for hot food and sleeps.

In morning Replacement Magic User returns to Bloodbane. Replacement Magic User is weak but alive again. Sk'ar has plan for Splug to test list of traitor suspects by pretense of memebership of Orcus cult. Number one suspect, Elf Ranger, not in Winterhaven. Splug tests Elf Hippy, Priestess and Innkeeper. All pass test.

Blodbane make way to cemetary. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and dreadhounds under command of real traitor, Elf Ranger. Bloodbane fight furiously and destroy foul creatures. Sk'ar explains Sk'ar's views on membership of cult of Orcus to Elf Ranger. Last thing that goes through mind of Elf Ranger is Sk'ar's sword.

Chapter 11
Sk'ar loses Goat Boy

Sk'ar writes chapter with heavy, heavy heart.

After Bloodbane move past trap statue room zombies attack. Tough fight but Bloodbane prevail. Small clay gargoyle with paralysis powers escapes. Bloodbane follow gargoyle down more stairs. Double doors lead to huge temple carved from rocks under keep – Temple to Orcus. Temple has river of blood – is place of foulest evil.

Bloodbane progress into temple. Sk'ar calls out a challenge in mname of Holy Bahamut. Bloodbane are attacked by undead vampires, wights and followers of Orcus – priest and beserker.

Fight is long and hard. Elf Wizard casts many spells, Replacement Magic User throws many curses. Goat Boy uses much battle magic, Sk'ar uses many blessings from Bahamut. Bloodbane are battered but voctorious. Sk'ar takes beserkers war hammer and smashes altar to Orcus. Sk'ar thinks battle over – evil averted – Winterhaven saved.

Sk'ar is wrong.

Party realise there is a further temple to Orcus through a blood soaked grill. Bloodbane are weakened but determined. Sk'ar lets down rope and begins to climb down.

Sk'ar is attacked from below! Is High Priest of Orcus and a wraith servant. Sk'ar decides to try to drop into bloody pool below but evil luck dogs Sk'ar and Sk'ar falls badly. High Priest takes up position in glowing runes in front of dark portal.

Sk'ar struggles to feet and faces High Priest. Goat Boy bravely jumps down to aid Sk'ar. Elf Wizard and Repalcement Magic User follow after.

Replacement Magic User hurls spells at wraith but evil luck dogs him. Goat Boy and Sk'ar battle mighty High Priest. Sk'ar and Goat Boy are weakened and injured but fight on. Sk'ar is shamed to say Sk'ar felt fear of defeat for first time and despair began to overtake Sk'ar. Sk'ar took heart from his brave companions and battled to Sk'ar's last breath. Dark temtacles come from portal and try to grab Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Sk'ar is struck down by High Priest but Elf Wizard manages to revive him. Goat Boy fights on. Sk'ar fights on. Sk'ar is struck down again and again. Elf Wizard rouses Sk'ar each time.

Goat Boy is struck down. Replacment Magic User battles wraith. Sk'ar charges High Priest and pushes High Priest from circle of power. Tentacles grab Goat Boy. Elf Wizard saves Goat Boy from tentacles. Sk'ar fights on with High Priest delivering many deadly blows but High Priest is hard to fell. Goat Boy is grabbed again by dark tentacles. Elf Wizard tries to save Goat Boy but dark tentacles pull Goat Boy through portal into Shadowfell where all living things are destroyed.

Replacment Magic User triumphs over wraith and destroys foul creature. Elf Wizard blasts High Priest, Sk'ar deleivers a final blow and High Priest topples. Dark tentacles grab High Priest and drag evil being through portal to destruction.

But Goat Boy is gone. Sk'ar wants to leap through portal but Elf Wizard stops Sk'ar. Nothing can live in Shadowfell. Sk'ar would die too.

Sk'ar is bereft. It is Dragonborn way that any eho take up arms with Dragonborn are made family. All of Bllodbane are family to Sk'ar. More impoprtant to Sk'ar than throwing hammers or rats. Sk'ar has lost his brother.

And Cult of Orcus have made huge mistake. Sk'ar battled cult for Bahamut, for decency, for goodness but not personal.

Now Sk'ar slays them all for Goat Boy.

Every. Last. One.

Chapter 10
Sk'ar fights more hobgoblins, and more hobgoblins and..

This strange chapter for Sk'ar to write as Sk'ar and Bloodbane spend rest of day fighting many hobgoblins. Each fight drains Bloodbane more. Hobgoblins are really tough opponents and have formation fighting down to fine art.

Sk'ar thought Bloodbane would be taken down in final battle with hobgoblins leader. Battle uses nearly all spells and holy gifts of Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Many wounds taken – not by Replacement Magic User and Elf Wizard though. Elf Wizard spends much time hiding behind doors these days. Still, handy to have blast spells when enemies are not ready. Elf Wizard kills many.

Sk'ar must admit that despite coming from a race formerly in league with a foul demon entity and tainted forever by it's evil stain, Goat Boy is handy comrade to have around in a battle. Sk'ar still thinks a throwing hammer would help though.

After Sk'ar cleaves hobgoblins leaders head from shoulders, Bloodbane gather loot. Splug gets magic short swords for Splugs share.

Bloodbane find a mysterious chamber. There is passage boarded up and large room nearby with giant stone statue. As Bloodbane try to cross room find statue is trap and swats Goat Boy and Sk'ar with stony sword. Smaller dragons statues breath fire, cherub statues trap unwary in watery tomb. Whole room is bigs magical and mechanical trap. Must be something important on others side…

Chapter 9
Sk'ar fights zombies, gets Holy Sword

Sk'ar and the Bloodbane descend deeper into the keep finding maze of tunnels deeper down. Splug says hobgoblins live here. Party find entrances to hobgoblins area defended by Sigils of Terrors. Before party can investigate further a side passage investigation leads to a fight with zombies. Bahamut blesses Sk'ar in his war against evil magic and party defeat foul creatures.

Beyond them is crypt room full of sarcophagi with writings of High dragon above them. It long chamber leading to larger area. As party investigate skeletons warriors burst from crypts. It long battle in a long room – perfect for a throwing hammer. The more skeletons die the more arrive from sarcophagi. Sk'ar fights way to larger chamber and finds shrine to Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar declares Sk'ar serves Bahamut but skeletons still attack. Sk'ar finds out later a prayer at shrine would end summonings. Finally all skeletons are defeated and Sk'ar can investigate double doors at end of chamber.

Doors open large burial chamber of paladin of Bahamut. Sk'ar is awed by such a holy place and pauses in doorway, even considering leaving chamber undisturbed. However, Elf Wizard pushes past Sk'ar and starts searching for treasure. Paladin's tomb erupts and wraith of paladin appears. Sk'ar considers leaving Elf Wizard to be skewered for his disrespect but El Wizard is Bloodbane and Bloodbane are family so all party enter to confront wraith.

Wraith is former guardian of dark rift that keep is built upon. Wraith decides to challenge our worthiness to complete his mission and asks difficlut questions. Luckily, knowledge and skills of Sk'ar, Replacement Magic User, Goat Boy and Elf Wizard are enough to convince warith to trust Bloodbane and wraith lets us go further. Wraith tells party where to find statues of Bahamut (hidden in altars as Goat Boy had suggested) and offers his holy longsword. Sk'ar is humbled by offer and takes up Aecris.

Sk'ar muses on not using Sk'ar's heavy bastard sword for lighter longsword. Goat Boy suggests Goat Boy wields Aecris. Only joking. Ha ha. Sk'ar suggests Goat Boy might have head ripped off and sed as pisspot. Only joking. Ha ha.

Bloodbane make way to hobgoblins lair. Bloodbane leap over Sigils of Terrors and make way down steps to hobgoblins hideout. Sk'ar gets Splug to pretend to be escaping goblins prisoner but guards are too clever. Hobgoblins are tough fighters. Hobgoblins use battle formation, makes hobgoblins very hard to hit. fight is fierce. Suddenly a giant spiders leaps into battle. What in name of Bahamut is giant spiders doing rushing into a full battle? It like some demented god with big book of monsters to flick through picks page at random and drops creature into encounter!

Fight is long and frustrating but Bloodbane prevail and soon hobgoblins and spider lie dead.


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