The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 12
Sk'ar gets Goat Boy back, loses Replacement Magic User, gets Replacement Magic User back

By the grace and power and benevolence of almighty Bahamut a miracle happens.

Shadowfell portal opens again and arm of Goat Boy repappears dragged by statue of Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar grabs arm and grags Goat Boy from portal. Alive!

Any reference to grief and bereavements of Sk'ar should be ignored. Sk'ar must have written under influence of befuddling magic. Obviously Goat Boy being from demonic race saved Goat Boy from destruction. Sk'ar tells Goat Boy to stop malingering.

Sk'ar gets Splug to throw down war hammer and dedecorates temple of Orcus. Then Bloodbane scale ropes to upper temple and begin to withdraw from catacombs. Bloodbane investigate "Danger" doorway before departure. Splug checks for traps. Splug seems to have grown a pair now Splug is on full share of treasure.

Doorway leads to a side passage and rooms. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and ghouls. Fight is tough but Bloodbane are prevailing. Suddenly Replacement Magic User is attacked by giant gelatinous cube. Sk'ar thinks gain of capricious gods with manuals of monsters. Replacement Magic User is enveloped by poisonous cube. Bloodbane fight hard to free Replacement Magic User. Sk'ar thinks a throwing hammer might have rescued Replacement Magic User but even Elf Wizard's fey walking cannot free comrade. By time cube is destroyed Replacement Magic User is dying.

Replacement Magic User is beyond healing powrs of Sk'ar but Elf Wizard comes to rescue. Elf Wizard uses ritual to place body and soul of Replacement Magic User in stasis. Bloodbane withdraw from keep and return to Winterhaven.

Wnterhaven is under close guard. Town is being attacked at night by undead from local cemetary. Bloodbane argue for wentry of Splug and promise best behavour. Bloodbane report on findings at keep to local lord and take body of Replacement Magic User to temple. Priestess takes body and begins a ritual to reunite body and soul of Replacement Magic User.

Party return to tavern for hot food and sleeps.

In morning Replacement Magic User returns to Bloodbane. Replacement Magic User is weak but alive again. Sk'ar has plan for Splug to test list of traitor suspects by pretense of memebership of Orcus cult. Number one suspect, Elf Ranger, not in Winterhaven. Splug tests Elf Hippy, Priestess and Innkeeper. All pass test.

Blodbane make way to cemetary. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and dreadhounds under command of real traitor, Elf Ranger. Bloodbane fight furiously and destroy foul creatures. Sk'ar explains Sk'ar's views on membership of cult of Orcus to Elf Ranger. Last thing that goes through mind of Elf Ranger is Sk'ar's sword.

Chapter 11
Sk'ar loses Goat Boy

Sk'ar writes chapter with heavy, heavy heart.

After Bloodbane move past trap statue room zombies attack. Tough fight but Bloodbane prevail. Small clay gargoyle with paralysis powers escapes. Bloodbane follow gargoyle down more stairs. Double doors lead to huge temple carved from rocks under keep – Temple to Orcus. Temple has river of blood – is place of foulest evil.

Bloodbane progress into temple. Sk'ar calls out a challenge in mname of Holy Bahamut. Bloodbane are attacked by undead vampires, wights and followers of Orcus – priest and beserker.

Fight is long and hard. Elf Wizard casts many spells, Replacement Magic User throws many curses. Goat Boy uses much battle magic, Sk'ar uses many blessings from Bahamut. Bloodbane are battered but voctorious. Sk'ar takes beserkers war hammer and smashes altar to Orcus. Sk'ar thinks battle over – evil averted – Winterhaven saved.

Sk'ar is wrong.

Party realise there is a further temple to Orcus through a blood soaked grill. Bloodbane are weakened but determined. Sk'ar lets down rope and begins to climb down.

Sk'ar is attacked from below! Is High Priest of Orcus and a wraith servant. Sk'ar decides to try to drop into bloody pool below but evil luck dogs Sk'ar and Sk'ar falls badly. High Priest takes up position in glowing runes in front of dark portal.

Sk'ar struggles to feet and faces High Priest. Goat Boy bravely jumps down to aid Sk'ar. Elf Wizard and Repalcement Magic User follow after.

Replacement Magic User hurls spells at wraith but evil luck dogs him. Goat Boy and Sk'ar battle mighty High Priest. Sk'ar and Goat Boy are weakened and injured but fight on. Sk'ar is shamed to say Sk'ar felt fear of defeat for first time and despair began to overtake Sk'ar. Sk'ar took heart from his brave companions and battled to Sk'ar's last breath. Dark temtacles come from portal and try to grab Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Sk'ar is struck down by High Priest but Elf Wizard manages to revive him. Goat Boy fights on. Sk'ar fights on. Sk'ar is struck down again and again. Elf Wizard rouses Sk'ar each time.

Goat Boy is struck down. Replacment Magic User battles wraith. Sk'ar charges High Priest and pushes High Priest from circle of power. Tentacles grab Goat Boy. Elf Wizard saves Goat Boy from tentacles. Sk'ar fights on with High Priest delivering many deadly blows but High Priest is hard to fell. Goat Boy is grabbed again by dark tentacles. Elf Wizard tries to save Goat Boy but dark tentacles pull Goat Boy through portal into Shadowfell where all living things are destroyed.

Replacment Magic User triumphs over wraith and destroys foul creature. Elf Wizard blasts High Priest, Sk'ar deleivers a final blow and High Priest topples. Dark tentacles grab High Priest and drag evil being through portal to destruction.

But Goat Boy is gone. Sk'ar wants to leap through portal but Elf Wizard stops Sk'ar. Nothing can live in Shadowfell. Sk'ar would die too.

Sk'ar is bereft. It is Dragonborn way that any eho take up arms with Dragonborn are made family. All of Bllodbane are family to Sk'ar. More impoprtant to Sk'ar than throwing hammers or rats. Sk'ar has lost his brother.

And Cult of Orcus have made huge mistake. Sk'ar battled cult for Bahamut, for decency, for goodness but not personal.

Now Sk'ar slays them all for Goat Boy.

Every. Last. One.

Chapter 10
Sk'ar fights more hobgoblins, and more hobgoblins and..

This strange chapter for Sk'ar to write as Sk'ar and Bloodbane spend rest of day fighting many hobgoblins. Each fight drains Bloodbane more. Hobgoblins are really tough opponents and have formation fighting down to fine art.

Sk'ar thought Bloodbane would be taken down in final battle with hobgoblins leader. Battle uses nearly all spells and holy gifts of Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Many wounds taken – not by Replacement Magic User and Elf Wizard though. Elf Wizard spends much time hiding behind doors these days. Still, handy to have blast spells when enemies are not ready. Elf Wizard kills many.

Sk'ar must admit that despite coming from a race formerly in league with a foul demon entity and tainted forever by it's evil stain, Goat Boy is handy comrade to have around in a battle. Sk'ar still thinks a throwing hammer would help though.

After Sk'ar cleaves hobgoblins leaders head from shoulders, Bloodbane gather loot. Splug gets magic short swords for Splugs share.

Bloodbane find a mysterious chamber. There is passage boarded up and large room nearby with giant stone statue. As Bloodbane try to cross room find statue is trap and swats Goat Boy and Sk'ar with stony sword. Smaller dragons statues breath fire, cherub statues trap unwary in watery tomb. Whole room is bigs magical and mechanical trap. Must be something important on others side…

Chapter 9
Sk'ar fights zombies, gets Holy Sword

Sk'ar and the Bloodbane descend deeper into the keep finding maze of tunnels deeper down. Splug says hobgoblins live here. Party find entrances to hobgoblins area defended by Sigils of Terrors. Before party can investigate further a side passage investigation leads to a fight with zombies. Bahamut blesses Sk'ar in his war against evil magic and party defeat foul creatures.

Beyond them is crypt room full of sarcophagi with writings of High dragon above them. It long chamber leading to larger area. As party investigate skeletons warriors burst from crypts. It long battle in a long room – perfect for a throwing hammer. The more skeletons die the more arrive from sarcophagi. Sk'ar fights way to larger chamber and finds shrine to Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar declares Sk'ar serves Bahamut but skeletons still attack. Sk'ar finds out later a prayer at shrine would end summonings. Finally all skeletons are defeated and Sk'ar can investigate double doors at end of chamber.

Doors open large burial chamber of paladin of Bahamut. Sk'ar is awed by such a holy place and pauses in doorway, even considering leaving chamber undisturbed. However, Elf Wizard pushes past Sk'ar and starts searching for treasure. Paladin's tomb erupts and wraith of paladin appears. Sk'ar considers leaving Elf Wizard to be skewered for his disrespect but El Wizard is Bloodbane and Bloodbane are family so all party enter to confront wraith.

Wraith is former guardian of dark rift that keep is built upon. Wraith decides to challenge our worthiness to complete his mission and asks difficlut questions. Luckily, knowledge and skills of Sk'ar, Replacement Magic User, Goat Boy and Elf Wizard are enough to convince warith to trust Bloodbane and wraith lets us go further. Wraith tells party where to find statues of Bahamut (hidden in altars as Goat Boy had suggested) and offers his holy longsword. Sk'ar is humbled by offer and takes up Aecris.

Sk'ar muses on not using Sk'ar's heavy bastard sword for lighter longsword. Goat Boy suggests Goat Boy wields Aecris. Only joking. Ha ha. Sk'ar suggests Goat Boy might have head ripped off and sed as pisspot. Only joking. Ha ha.

Bloodbane make way to hobgoblins lair. Bloodbane leap over Sigils of Terrors and make way down steps to hobgoblins hideout. Sk'ar gets Splug to pretend to be escaping goblins prisoner but guards are too clever. Hobgoblins are tough fighters. Hobgoblins use battle formation, makes hobgoblins very hard to hit. fight is fierce. Suddenly a giant spiders leaps into battle. What in name of Bahamut is giant spiders doing rushing into a full battle? It like some demented god with big book of monsters to flick through picks page at random and drops creature into encounter!

Fight is long and frustrating but Bloodbane prevail and soon hobgoblins and spider lie dead.

Chapter 8
Sk'ar kills goblins, eats rats

Sk'ar not has much to tell this chapter. Sk'ar and the Bloodbane decide to trust Goblins Prisoner, Splog, and let out of cell. Goblins Prisoner tells party of where goblins chief lives in dungeon. Also tells of hobgoblins on lower levels.

Sk'ar and friends pay a visit to Goblins Leader. Goblins Leader has many goblins bodyguards but Bloodbane are on good form and manage to defeat them well. Goblins Leader is very fat goblins but is good fighter. Not good enough to defeat Sk'ar. Goblins Leader is killed. All goblins are killed. Sk'ar finds a magic holy symbol of Bahamut.

No sign of evil cult but possibly on lower levels. Goblins Prisoner says lower levels are ruled by hobgoblins and giant rats and creatures of evil. Sk'ar feels warm feeligs inside at thought of battle to come.

Replacement Magic User, Goat Boy and Elf Wizard are all injured and low on power. Sk'ar is blessed by Bahamut and is still strong and uninjured. Bllodbane vote to spend night barracaded in Goblins Leader's rooms. Sk'ar finds some tasty rats to eat. Sk'ar stands guard.

Chapter 7
Sk'ar is not dead

Chapter 7

Sk'ar wakes up. Sk'ar is surprised that Sk'ar is not dead. Goat Boy is not dead either. Sk'ar and Goat Boy are bound up and left in a side cave. Sk'ar figures later this is down to stupid kobolds. Kobolds is wanting to sacrifice Sk'ar and Goat Boy to their evil god, Orcus. Not even Tiamat, an evil god worthy of respect but Orcus. Orcus is real loser evil god. No wonder kobolds and goblins follow him.

Sk'ar hears koblds chanting in next cave. Replacement Magic User appears. Replacement Magic User has sneaked in to save Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Replacement Magic User cuts bonds of Sk'ar and Goat Boy and Sk'ar finds Sk'ar's weapons left nearby. Another example of kobolds stupidity. Sk'ar decides to go and teach kobolds a few lessons about keeping prisoners. Much blood follows…

Bloodbane find some treasure and a good suit of dwarf armout from dead kobolds horde. Armour gives Sk'ar fond memories of dwarves and throwing hammers. Scroll is found on body of goblins. Cult of Orcus plan to kill all of Winterhaven and have spy in town. Sk'ar suspects Elf Ranger. Bloodbane return to Winterhaven.

Investigations by Sage seem to indicate cult has made further base in abandoned keep. Sk'ar suspects Elf Hippy. Party set off for keep.

Keep is large and not hard to find at all. Sk'ar suspects everyone who told Sk'ar keep was hidden.

Bloodbane make way down a staircase that leads to passages and rooms hidden below ruins of keep. Bloodbane find goblins on guard. Goblins are hard bastiches and lethal shots and Bloodbane are badly wounded in fierce combat.

Goblins guards are all defeated by many more goblins lie in wait. Bloodbane investigate sounds of screams and find goblins torture chamber. This battle go more swiftly. Torturer and guards all soon dead but goblin torture victim survives and offers to help Bloodbane.

Can Sk'ar trust a goblin?

Chapter 6
Sk'ar has bad day

Chapter 6

Bloodbane find site of dragon's hoard. Dragons is long dead but party see archeologists digging. Sk'ar hates archeologists (not ask Sk'ar why – all people's hate somthings -spiders, snakes, ghosts – Sk'ar hates archeologists).

If Sk'ar have party member with throwing hammer things a lot easier than what happens next. Archeologists is gnome and humans assistants. Sk'ar not know gnomes well. Sk'ar think they all fights Krang Empire but maybe that dream of Sk'ar's. Gnomes is calling party down to site of dig. As Bloodbane approach gnomes pulls out crossbow and fires at party. Sk'ar thinks Sk'ar is right to hates archeologists.

Humans attacks party and gnomes turns invisible. Gnomes partner, a small human like Small Human Sk'ar knows fires sling from hiden rocks. Only cowards use just missile weapons. Sk'ar thinks archeolgist traitors with slings are worst of all. See how throwing hammer would helps?

Party fight humans. Humans die. Gnomes tries to sneaks away but Replacement Magic User spots him. Gnomes tougher than humans but still dies when magic missiled. Small hman is upset. Boo hoos. Small humans tries to escape but Replacement Magic User and Elf Wizard zap him. All archeologists deads. Sk'ar happy.

Party find crazy human who go treasure hunting on own. Surprise not dead but prisoner. Crazy man gives party locket and mirror from dig site. Crazy man is archeologist! Crazy man lucky Sk'ar is nice guy or Sk'ar eat him – beat him to death! Ha ha!

So party head back to Winterhaven with one quest completed.

After good feed and good sleeps Bloodbane decide to check out evil cult headquarters in hidden cave.

At first all is wells with party. As expected party finds kobolds in area around cave. Party fights kobolds and kobolds mostly die easily. Then fight moves into cave. This where things go wrong. Kobolds have powerful back-up: kobolds sorcerer, kobolds chieftans, many soldier kobolds and huge goblins with axes.

Fight is long and bloody. Bloodbane make major mistake and all party get distracted from fighting one enemy: Replacement Magic User battles kobolds sorcerer, Goat Boy battles kobolds chieften, Sk'ar battles goblins with axes. Sk'ar deals many strong blows using power of Bahamut against goblins. Replacement Magic User is felled but Sk'ar uses healing blessing of Bahamut to heal him. Elf Wizard shoots kobolds with spells but also blasts Replacement Magic User too. Replacment Magic User fights with spells against kobolds sorcerer but is forced to retreat, Goat Boy is felled by kobolds chieften. Sk'ar fights to last breath against goblins with axes but is hit many times. Goblins with axes hits Sk'ar one final time and all goes dark….

Chapter 5
Sk'ar meets Goat Boy

Chapter 5

Sk'ar have new party – again!

Eleven Wizard does not want to barbecue Entrée and other Tiefling, Ailon a warlord, convinces Sk'ar that eating Entrée is not way he would want so Sk'ar lets Goat Boy take body for burial. Goat Boy is keen to join Sk'ar's party so Sk'ar, Elven Wizard, Replacement Magic User and Goat Boy are new party, the Bloodbane (if Sk'ar gets Sk'ar's way).

Bloodbane members find new quests all near mountain town of Winterhaven: first to find crazy man who went alone to find ancient dragon's hoard, second to map out area around old keep, third to find out about evil cult.

Party set off. It five day walk to Winterhaven but journey uneventful until party nearly at town. Sk'ar and friends ambushed by kobolds – several scrawny kobolds ad two big kobolds – sword kobolds and sling kobolds. Kobolds organised and vicious. Kobolds believe kobold kill party easily. Party kill them easily. Sk'ar gets new dragon scale shield.

In Winterhaven, party take rooms at inn and search for clues to solve quests. Party meet Blacksmith who is dwarf but does not have throwing hammer. Party also meet Sage from tower, Priestess, and Old Man, who has local folklore. Party find location of possible dragon's lair and get good idea where old keep is. All folks deny any evil cult could be in area. Party meet local Lord Warden commissions party to destroy kobolds nests. Sk'ar meets Elf Ranger who says all locals are all in cult with kobolds and tells Sk'ar where meeting place is. Party also meets Elf Hippy who picks flowers near old keep. It lot of meets!

Bloodbane party head out to investigate old dragon nest as crazy human has maybe gone there. Kobolds attacks: kobolds shaman, kobolds warrior, kobolds rogue and kobolds that hides in bushes (not ask Sk'ar – kobolds is crazy). Sk'ar have to admit these kobolds are tough fighters but Replacement Magic User and Eleven Wizard are powerful and cunning and despite lack of throwing hammer party are victorious.

Party find evil cult symbol on kobolds shaman. This mystery as kobolds worship Tiamat, dark dragoness, not evil devil cult.

Despite many wounds party heal selves and press on for dragon's lair.

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 4
Sk'ar meets Eleven Wizard and Entrée

Chapter 4

Sk'ar is sitting in tavern in Fallcrest (town change name from Falcons Crest, not ask Sk'ar why, humans are crazy) admiring new bastard sword. New sword much improved but Sk'ar now short of gold pieces as Sk'ar ambushed by nuns with collecting boxes on way back from blacksmiths.

So, Sk'ar sitting drinking water, chewing a skinny rat, wondering about why Magic User left town, where Replacement Magic User is, and Small Human, and Dwarf when Sk'ar hear commotion outside.

Door to tavern bursts open. In come goblin raiders. Fallcrest under attack. Maybe goblins don't like new name for town either.

Sk'ar joins battle with goblins. Sk'ar aided in battle by Tiefling (descended from evil demons and responsible for destruction of Dragonborn empire but Sk'ar not hold that against him) and Elven Wizard called Tristan Feldreth.

Battle is tough. Goblins settings fires to many things. Elven Wizard uses cold magic to put out fires. Entrée and Sk'ar kill goblins but battle not won. Outside more troubles.

In street Sk'ar and Entrée see goblins with cart of oil with ogre attached. Ogre big and tough – be a good target for a throwing hammer. Eleven Wizard uses spells from tavern window and causes much explosions from oils. Other goblins come. We fights much more. Battle hard but Sk'ar and companions defeat and kill all.

Then Lord Warden comes. Lord Warden always seems to have dangerous missions for Sk'ar. This time Sk'ar and new friends asked to try to find goblin camp.

Sk'ar and friends set off. Walk many hours until reach valley where goblins may have come from. Sneak attack by armoured bug things. Many attacks from big and small. Large bug as big as human. Can fire poisoned darts. Battle hardest of Sk'ar's life. Both Sk'ar and Eleven Wizard are badly injured. Entrée is killed. Sk'ar sad. Sk'ar and Eleven Wizard return with Entrée's body to Fallcrest searching for large barbecue.

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 3
Sk'ar meets Replacemet Magic User

Chapter 3

Following fight with kobold chieftain party take a rest to bandage wounds. Then Sk'ar sees a figure running towards Sk'ar from the way Sk'ar had come. The figure is as tall as a man but more slender is blending in with the walls and shadows of the corridor as if able to hide in natural environment. Recognising newcomer Small Human calls out a greeting and waves him over to party.

 "Over here Guseron".

Stranger is introduced as Guseron a Warlock and a business associate of Small Human. Then kobolds attack us.

Advancing to entrance to passageway Sk'ar takes a defensive stance and roars a battle cry while the Magic User takes up firing positions on the top of the wall behind Sk'ar. Advancing were group of kobolds in leather armour waving javelins. Standing in a coward's position to the back is more bigger kobold dressed in better armour. Fight  iss hard and deadly. Sk'ar the Paladin holds passageway against the kobold horde while Magic User and powerful warlock fire over Sk'ar's head into battle. A number of the kobolds choose to flee rather than face Sk'ar and die. Small Human skulked around the edges of the fight picking off kobolds from behind. The Kobold leader was very skilled in using his troops to take blows aimed for him and severely wounded Sk'ar before he fell. Sk'ar admired jumping dodging kobolds stance but in end:

"Kobold jumps, kobold doges, kobold dies".

Sk'ar and companions, including Replacement Magic User return to the surface and hunt down kobolds who had fled earlier in the fight.

Party explore the woods surrounding ruined keep. Small Human takes opportunity to leave the party. Sk'ar loses another companion.

Party track and kll twelve more kobolds. Sk'ar is pleased with body count. It good start! Looking at sun party choose to take a long rest and to return to dungeon following morning.

The next morning, as party approach door leading down to dungeon small number of surviving kobolds ambush with slings. Kobolds are easily killed but as party go to open door it smashes open from inside. A white dragon, larger than a horse, powers way up stairs and out of doorway. Sk'ar not ashamed to say this scariest moment of Sk'ar's life. Dragonborn are reared to fear and respect true dragons, even wild and evil ones!

Dragon fires cloud of freezing mist at party but luckily dragon had aimed too high. Dragon creates a fear spell that evilly saps strength from Sk'ar. Sk'ar realises that he will have to face the dragon alone in melee combat while the Magic User and Replacement Magic User take cover and cast spells from range. The Dragon had a hatred of wizards. Dragon concentrates his attacks on Magic User and Replacement Magic User time after time while Sk'ar unleashes most powerful attacks blessed by Bahamut against great wyrm. Tough hide dragon is able to turn most of Sk'ars attacks but is more vulnerable to spells. Magic User cannot withstand dragon's attcks for long and falls to the floor dieing.

Replacement Magic User grabs Magic User, drags him away from dragon and pours a healing potion down Magic User's throat while Sk'ar hurls self into distracting the dragon's attacks, screaming battle cries and challenges. Dragon spots Magic User is back on feet and turns to kill Magic User. Dragon screams in rage and hurls self towards Magic User. With a great scream dragons crashes to ground, dead at his feet! Dragon had failed to heed challenge from paladin of Bahamut and had paid price. Once more glory of Bahamut saves follower!

Battle would have been lot easier with magic throwing hammer.

Sk'ar, Magic User and Replacement Magic User make their way back to Falcon's Nest.

End of Chapter 3


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