The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Prologue and Chapter 1

Sk'ar meets dwarf and magic user.


This words am the journal of Sk'ar of the Clan Bloodbane, firstborn hatchling of 85th nesting of Family Letrah of the Dragonborn.

Sk'ar am honour to be newly ordained journeyman paladin of great god Bahamut.

This journal am record of Sk'ar's journeyman years and of strange peoples he meets. Sk'ar writes this words in human speech for most peoples speak-read human tongue and it Sk'ar's wishes these writings are remembrance of Sk'ar's deeds and deeds of peoples Sk'ar makes oathkin.

Sk'ar great scholar in Dragonspeak but sadtimes cannot speak-read human very wells. It tough for peoples with two foot tongues and long claws to master speak-read of humans so Sk'ar speaks his words to human scribe who writes Sk'ar's speakings down exactly or else Sk'ar gets angry with hims.

Sk'ar hopes peoples likes Sk'ar's speakings . Sk'ar will begin with first adventure as journeyman paladin.

Chapter 1

Sk'ar was in tavern in town of Falcons Crest making friendships with Kram, who am sturdy Dwarf fighter and Obi, who am human magic user. We am having talks of journeys to Falcons Crest and of needings some golds for further journeys when large rat runs up to Magic User. Sk'ar am thinkings rat looks like tasty snake when rats is speakings to Magic User. Humans have smart rats in their towns it seems. Sk'ar feelings sorry he ates so many of them now.

Magic User recognises voice as Elisa Darkbane, a human girl Magic User had once mated with at school for wizards. Girl had been kidnapped by goblins and was going to be sacrificed. Girl gives directions to her prisons and Magic User says Magic User must rescues her. Sk'ar says Sk'ar will comes to help poor girl, epecially as girl had sent Sk'ar a tasty snack (since Sk'ar realises rats are not talkings but just spell carryings Sk'ar takes rat for lunchings). Dwarf comes too. Sk'ar likes Dwarf. Dwarf is speakings not much but is ready for a good fight. Dragonborn respects peoples who likes a good fight.

Girl is prisoners in old keep. Sk'ar and friends finds it easilys. Sk'ar and others are descendings down a flight of stone stairs into the dungeons beneath ruined keep. Magic User casts spell of lights on staff so Sk'ar and Magic User can sees better. Dwarf is grumbles as Dwarfs see good in darks.

Suddenly two goblins ambush shooting crossbows at Dwarf who was in the front.

Unfortunately for Goblins, Magic User spelled beams of cold at them slowing down movement. Dwarf fights a goblin. Sk'ar advances on other goblin. Goblins have prepared pit trap in centre of chamber but Sk'ar is guided by Great Bahmut's will and avoids it. Goblin regrets poor choice of weapons (a crossbow) as Sk'ar skewers him on end of longsword.

Sk'ar leads friends deeper into dungeons. At foot of second staircase Sk'ar's paladin senses, a blessing from Bahamut, lfeel foul creatures of the shadowfell down a passageway. Advancing down passageway group hear moaning and group of zombies appear. Before Sk'ar can smite them Magic User calls down fire onto zombies and burns them all to death.

Group advances into a burial chamber containing lots more zombies. Sk'ar is pleased to see how glowing radiance of Bahamut chanelled through sword smites shadowfell. Dwarf and Magic User help Sk'ar mop up zombies. Magic User very good wizard. Magic User is always hitting with spells.

After fightings over, group explore chamber. One sarcophagi is partially open and inside Sk'ar can see a skeleton dressed in rusty old armour. All contents of sarcophagus are rotted and rusted except for dwarven throwing hammer. Hammer looked brands new which must means is magic. Dwarf took weapon for more fightings of goblin scum.

As party advances downs other corridor we finds strange symbols coverings all of corridor. Magic User thinks symbols are alarm. Magic User and Dwarf discuss ways of jumping over symbols but Sk'ar knows what must be done. Sk'ar crosses symbols sayings:

"Let goblins know Sk'ar and friends come. Let goblins fear us!"

Dwarf mutters something about how Girl was probably being gutted as Sk'ar spoke. Sk'ar and friends follow path into stone chamber. Suddenly crossbow bolts fire out of solid walls! It an illusion sneal attack by dirt goblins but wounds not too severe. Much larger chamber appears. At back of the chamber Sk'ar sees a powerful looking goblin andc two bodyguards. Sk'ar sees two other goblins in shadows with crossbows.

Sk'ar, Dwarf and Magic User fight a hard battle. Goblins are beings tougher than they looks but partys holds ground. Unfortunately for Magic User he is cornered and struck down by evil goblins. Magic User falls to floor and bleeds a lot.

Dwarf keeps goblins busy (magic hammer is being usefuls already) while Sk'ar runs to help Magic User. Bahamaut offers his blessings and Sk'ar is able to use holy power to helas Magic User. Sk'ar getting very fed up with nasty goblins and uses power of Bahamut to sends battle challenges to evil goblin chief. Foolish chief ignores Sk'ar and tries to kills Magic User again. This big mistakes. Bahmaut punishes those who ignore Bahmut's paladins in battle. Bahamut trikes goblin chief dead on spot.

Dwarf and Sk'ar kills other goblins and finds some small golds as spoils of battle. Girl is finded not skewered and Sk'ar and friends untie Girl and take Girl backs to Falcons Crest. Magic User and Girl are not making more matings. Perhaps humans follow Dragonborn way and matings are ended after hatchlings reach three cycles of age.

End of Chapter 1



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