The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 9

Sk'ar fights zombies, gets Holy Sword

Sk'ar and the Bloodbane descend deeper into the keep finding maze of tunnels deeper down. Splug says hobgoblins live here. Party find entrances to hobgoblins area defended by Sigils of Terrors. Before party can investigate further a side passage investigation leads to a fight with zombies. Bahamut blesses Sk'ar in his war against evil magic and party defeat foul creatures.

Beyond them is crypt room full of sarcophagi with writings of High dragon above them. It long chamber leading to larger area. As party investigate skeletons warriors burst from crypts. It long battle in a long room – perfect for a throwing hammer. The more skeletons die the more arrive from sarcophagi. Sk'ar fights way to larger chamber and finds shrine to Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar declares Sk'ar serves Bahamut but skeletons still attack. Sk'ar finds out later a prayer at shrine would end summonings. Finally all skeletons are defeated and Sk'ar can investigate double doors at end of chamber.

Doors open large burial chamber of paladin of Bahamut. Sk'ar is awed by such a holy place and pauses in doorway, even considering leaving chamber undisturbed. However, Elf Wizard pushes past Sk'ar and starts searching for treasure. Paladin's tomb erupts and wraith of paladin appears. Sk'ar considers leaving Elf Wizard to be skewered for his disrespect but El Wizard is Bloodbane and Bloodbane are family so all party enter to confront wraith.

Wraith is former guardian of dark rift that keep is built upon. Wraith decides to challenge our worthiness to complete his mission and asks difficlut questions. Luckily, knowledge and skills of Sk'ar, Replacement Magic User, Goat Boy and Elf Wizard are enough to convince warith to trust Bloodbane and wraith lets us go further. Wraith tells party where to find statues of Bahamut (hidden in altars as Goat Boy had suggested) and offers his holy longsword. Sk'ar is humbled by offer and takes up Aecris.

Sk'ar muses on not using Sk'ar's heavy bastard sword for lighter longsword. Goat Boy suggests Goat Boy wields Aecris. Only joking. Ha ha. Sk'ar suggests Goat Boy might have head ripped off and sed as pisspot. Only joking. Ha ha.

Bloodbane make way to hobgoblins lair. Bloodbane leap over Sigils of Terrors and make way down steps to hobgoblins hideout. Sk'ar gets Splug to pretend to be escaping goblins prisoner but guards are too clever. Hobgoblins are tough fighters. Hobgoblins use battle formation, makes hobgoblins very hard to hit. fight is fierce. Suddenly a giant spiders leaps into battle. What in name of Bahamut is giant spiders doing rushing into a full battle? It like some demented god with big book of monsters to flick through picks page at random and drops creature into encounter!

Fight is long and frustrating but Bloodbane prevail and soon hobgoblins and spider lie dead.



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