The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 7

Sk'ar is not dead

Chapter 7

Sk'ar wakes up. Sk'ar is surprised that Sk'ar is not dead. Goat Boy is not dead either. Sk'ar and Goat Boy are bound up and left in a side cave. Sk'ar figures later this is down to stupid kobolds. Kobolds is wanting to sacrifice Sk'ar and Goat Boy to their evil god, Orcus. Not even Tiamat, an evil god worthy of respect but Orcus. Orcus is real loser evil god. No wonder kobolds and goblins follow him.

Sk'ar hears koblds chanting in next cave. Replacement Magic User appears. Replacement Magic User has sneaked in to save Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Replacement Magic User cuts bonds of Sk'ar and Goat Boy and Sk'ar finds Sk'ar's weapons left nearby. Another example of kobolds stupidity. Sk'ar decides to go and teach kobolds a few lessons about keeping prisoners. Much blood follows…

Bloodbane find some treasure and a good suit of dwarf armout from dead kobolds horde. Armour gives Sk'ar fond memories of dwarves and throwing hammers. Scroll is found on body of goblins. Cult of Orcus plan to kill all of Winterhaven and have spy in town. Sk'ar suspects Elf Ranger. Bloodbane return to Winterhaven.

Investigations by Sage seem to indicate cult has made further base in abandoned keep. Sk'ar suspects Elf Hippy. Party set off for keep.

Keep is large and not hard to find at all. Sk'ar suspects everyone who told Sk'ar keep was hidden.

Bloodbane make way down a staircase that leads to passages and rooms hidden below ruins of keep. Bloodbane find goblins on guard. Goblins are hard bastiches and lethal shots and Bloodbane are badly wounded in fierce combat.

Goblins guards are all defeated by many more goblins lie in wait. Bloodbane investigate sounds of screams and find goblins torture chamber. This battle go more swiftly. Torturer and guards all soon dead but goblin torture victim survives and offers to help Bloodbane.

Can Sk'ar trust a goblin?



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