The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 5

Sk'ar meets Goat Boy

Chapter 5

Sk'ar have new party – again!

Eleven Wizard does not want to barbecue Entrée and other Tiefling, Ailon a warlord, convinces Sk'ar that eating Entrée is not way he would want so Sk'ar lets Goat Boy take body for burial. Goat Boy is keen to join Sk'ar's party so Sk'ar, Elven Wizard, Replacement Magic User and Goat Boy are new party, the Bloodbane (if Sk'ar gets Sk'ar's way).

Bloodbane members find new quests all near mountain town of Winterhaven: first to find crazy man who went alone to find ancient dragon's hoard, second to map out area around old keep, third to find out about evil cult.

Party set off. It five day walk to Winterhaven but journey uneventful until party nearly at town. Sk'ar and friends ambushed by kobolds – several scrawny kobolds ad two big kobolds – sword kobolds and sling kobolds. Kobolds organised and vicious. Kobolds believe kobold kill party easily. Party kill them easily. Sk'ar gets new dragon scale shield.

In Winterhaven, party take rooms at inn and search for clues to solve quests. Party meet Blacksmith who is dwarf but does not have throwing hammer. Party also meet Sage from tower, Priestess, and Old Man, who has local folklore. Party find location of possible dragon's lair and get good idea where old keep is. All folks deny any evil cult could be in area. Party meet local Lord Warden commissions party to destroy kobolds nests. Sk'ar meets Elf Ranger who says all locals are all in cult with kobolds and tells Sk'ar where meeting place is. Party also meets Elf Hippy who picks flowers near old keep. It lot of meets!

Bloodbane party head out to investigate old dragon nest as crazy human has maybe gone there. Kobolds attacks: kobolds shaman, kobolds warrior, kobolds rogue and kobolds that hides in bushes (not ask Sk'ar – kobolds is crazy). Sk'ar have to admit these kobolds are tough fighters but Replacement Magic User and Eleven Wizard are powerful and cunning and despite lack of throwing hammer party are victorious.

Party find evil cult symbol on kobolds shaman. This mystery as kobolds worship Tiamat, dark dragoness, not evil devil cult.

Despite many wounds party heal selves and press on for dragon's lair.

End of Chapter 5



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