The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 4

Sk'ar meets Eleven Wizard and Entrée

Chapter 4

Sk'ar is sitting in tavern in Fallcrest (town change name from Falcons Crest, not ask Sk'ar why, humans are crazy) admiring new bastard sword. New sword much improved but Sk'ar now short of gold pieces as Sk'ar ambushed by nuns with collecting boxes on way back from blacksmiths.

So, Sk'ar sitting drinking water, chewing a skinny rat, wondering about why Magic User left town, where Replacement Magic User is, and Small Human, and Dwarf when Sk'ar hear commotion outside.

Door to tavern bursts open. In come goblin raiders. Fallcrest under attack. Maybe goblins don't like new name for town either.

Sk'ar joins battle with goblins. Sk'ar aided in battle by Tiefling (descended from evil demons and responsible for destruction of Dragonborn empire but Sk'ar not hold that against him) and Elven Wizard called Tristan Feldreth.

Battle is tough. Goblins settings fires to many things. Elven Wizard uses cold magic to put out fires. Entrée and Sk'ar kill goblins but battle not won. Outside more troubles.

In street Sk'ar and Entrée see goblins with cart of oil with ogre attached. Ogre big and tough – be a good target for a throwing hammer. Eleven Wizard uses spells from tavern window and causes much explosions from oils. Other goblins come. We fights much more. Battle hard but Sk'ar and companions defeat and kill all.

Then Lord Warden comes. Lord Warden always seems to have dangerous missions for Sk'ar. This time Sk'ar and new friends asked to try to find goblin camp.

Sk'ar and friends set off. Walk many hours until reach valley where goblins may have come from. Sneak attack by armoured bug things. Many attacks from big and small. Large bug as big as human. Can fire poisoned darts. Battle hardest of Sk'ar's life. Both Sk'ar and Eleven Wizard are badly injured. Entrée is killed. Sk'ar sad. Sk'ar and Eleven Wizard return with Entrée's body to Fallcrest searching for large barbecue.

End of Chapter 4



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