The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 3

Sk'ar meets Replacemet Magic User

Chapter 3

Following fight with kobold chieftain party take a rest to bandage wounds. Then Sk'ar sees a figure running towards Sk'ar from the way Sk'ar had come. The figure is as tall as a man but more slender is blending in with the walls and shadows of the corridor as if able to hide in natural environment. Recognising newcomer Small Human calls out a greeting and waves him over to party.

 "Over here Guseron".

Stranger is introduced as Guseron a Warlock and a business associate of Small Human. Then kobolds attack us.

Advancing to entrance to passageway Sk'ar takes a defensive stance and roars a battle cry while the Magic User takes up firing positions on the top of the wall behind Sk'ar. Advancing were group of kobolds in leather armour waving javelins. Standing in a coward's position to the back is more bigger kobold dressed in better armour. Fight  iss hard and deadly. Sk'ar the Paladin holds passageway against the kobold horde while Magic User and powerful warlock fire over Sk'ar's head into battle. A number of the kobolds choose to flee rather than face Sk'ar and die. Small Human skulked around the edges of the fight picking off kobolds from behind. The Kobold leader was very skilled in using his troops to take blows aimed for him and severely wounded Sk'ar before he fell. Sk'ar admired jumping dodging kobolds stance but in end:

"Kobold jumps, kobold doges, kobold dies".

Sk'ar and companions, including Replacement Magic User return to the surface and hunt down kobolds who had fled earlier in the fight.

Party explore the woods surrounding ruined keep. Small Human takes opportunity to leave the party. Sk'ar loses another companion.

Party track and kll twelve more kobolds. Sk'ar is pleased with body count. It good start! Looking at sun party choose to take a long rest and to return to dungeon following morning.

The next morning, as party approach door leading down to dungeon small number of surviving kobolds ambush with slings. Kobolds are easily killed but as party go to open door it smashes open from inside. A white dragon, larger than a horse, powers way up stairs and out of doorway. Sk'ar not ashamed to say this scariest moment of Sk'ar's life. Dragonborn are reared to fear and respect true dragons, even wild and evil ones!

Dragon fires cloud of freezing mist at party but luckily dragon had aimed too high. Dragon creates a fear spell that evilly saps strength from Sk'ar. Sk'ar realises that he will have to face the dragon alone in melee combat while the Magic User and Replacement Magic User take cover and cast spells from range. The Dragon had a hatred of wizards. Dragon concentrates his attacks on Magic User and Replacement Magic User time after time while Sk'ar unleashes most powerful attacks blessed by Bahamut against great wyrm. Tough hide dragon is able to turn most of Sk'ars attacks but is more vulnerable to spells. Magic User cannot withstand dragon's attcks for long and falls to the floor dieing.

Replacement Magic User grabs Magic User, drags him away from dragon and pours a healing potion down Magic User's throat while Sk'ar hurls self into distracting the dragon's attacks, screaming battle cries and challenges. Dragon spots Magic User is back on feet and turns to kill Magic User. Dragon screams in rage and hurls self towards Magic User. With a great scream dragons crashes to ground, dead at his feet! Dragon had failed to heed challenge from paladin of Bahamut and had paid price. Once more glory of Bahamut saves follower!

Battle would have been lot easier with magic throwing hammer.

Sk'ar, Magic User and Replacement Magic User make their way back to Falcon's Nest.

End of Chapter 3



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