The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 21

And even more

Bloodbane decide to push open ornate double doors. Doors open to chamber with two huge fireplaces. Room contains Drugar guards and Drugar wizard. Lightning bolt trap fells Elf Ranger.

Fight was very tough, even for Sk’ar. Goat Boy is hit by poison and collapsed. Duergar chieftain joins the fight and knocks Sk’ar into the magical fires again and again. Only power of Holy Bahamut keeps Sk’ar alive! Elf Wizard is blinded by magics, Replacement Magic User is felled. Fight looks like it will end in defeat for Bloodbane but party rally and take enemies down one-by-one. Party manage to revive Replacement Magic User. It definatelty one of Sk’ar’s toughest ever battles.

Party find chamber of pits containing three Duergar and two flying demons. Drugar fall to Bloodbane vengeance and demon poison is kept off by magic talismans. Demons flee and party rescue ten of twelve slave villagers. Others sold to evil Gnolls!



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