The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 18

Sk'ar decides Drugar must die, fights Orcs

Undeterred by low powers and weakness after major battles, Sk’ar and allies confront Drugar slaver scum in Drugar shop at Hall of Seven Pillars.

Drugar are not conversant and attack Bloodbane. Sk’ar refuses to fight and Bloodbane retreat. Hall Security arrive and side with evil Drugar.

Bloodbane retire to inn. Later, Thunderspire Wizards comes to find Bloodbane and offer quest to locate missing wizard in return for gratitude from Thunderspire Wizards.

Negotiations and trading gets Bloodbane map to Drugar secret lair and Bloodbane set off to recue slaves once more.

Drugar lair is fortress built across massive cavern inside Thunderspire. Gates are guarded by tiny giants called Orcs.

Bloodbane make total hash of cunning plan to get past portcullis but with Replacement Magic-User using feywalking and Sk’ar and Goat Boy forcing up portcullis by strength alone Bloodbane gain entry to Drugar Fortress and kill nasty Orcs.



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