The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 17

Sk'ar fights Hobgoblins, and Goblins, and Humans, and Dire Wolves, and Drugar

One long fight ensues.

Bloodbane pull back to let Goat Boy recover. Sk’ar blockades corridor with goblins beds while Elf Ranger scouts around back entrance.

Elf Ranger scouts to doorway on upper level of lair of Bloodreavers. Elf Ranger listens at door as door is yanked open. Leader of Bloodreavers and group of hobgoblins, humans and goblins are in upper room trying to sneak around behind Bloodbane.

Fights begins. Goat Boy and Elf Wizard go to help Elf Ranger. Sk’ar tries to stay behind to guard for rear attack but cannot stay away from combat. Sk’ar charges up back staircase to rear door of room where Bloodreavers are fighting from. Sk’ar charges up back staircase to door Replacement Magic-User jammed earlier.

Sk’ar kcks down door and roars a challenge. Bloodreavers are all momentarily cowed so Elf Wizard fireballs all of room causing much damage.

Sk’ar enters fray. Much blood ensues. Elf Wizard, Elf Ranger and Goat Boy attack from one side, Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User from other side. Most of Bloodreavers in room are soon dead. A Hobgoblins flees and Goat Boy and Elf Wizard pursue. Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User return down back staircase to chamber doors where Drugar are trying to escape. Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User fight with Dire Wolves of Drugar. Elf Wizard backs Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User up while Goat Boy and Elf Wizard burst into chamber from upper level and find another fight with Hobgoblins Shaman and Hobgoblins archers.

Both fights are long. Sk’ar fights Drugar warriors, Elf Wizard fights Dire Wolves, Replacement Magic-User spends much time being savaged.

Eventually, Sk’ar, by the blessing of Holy Bahamut, slays Drugar, Dire Wolves are felled and long battle in chamber is ended as Bloodbane reunite for one last surge. One Hobgoblins, Sk’ar thinks it might be Hobgoblins Shaman, escapes into Thunderspire.

Bloodreavers are defeated and dead. Bloodbane are victorious but it phyrric victory as slaves are not here. Slaves have been sold on…



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