The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 16

Sk'ar finds things go wrong

In Seven Pillar Hall, party go to find information on Bloodreavers. Party find out Drugars are trading in hall who were known to buy slaves and that hall is run by mysterious Mages of Saurum.

The next morning Bloodbane set off for Chamber of Eyes using map drawn by Rescued Halfling. Listening at door Bloodbane could hear goblin guards talking on the other side.

Sk’ar distracted guards by demanding entrance while Elf Ranger led rest of Bloodbane up onto a balcony and into Bloodreavers’ lair through unguarded back door.

After many threats and indimidation, Sk’ar is able to bluff the goblins into opening the door. Rest of Bloodbane sneak up behind goblins.

Sk’ar smashed Aecris into the ear of Bugbear guard commander and rest of party attacked from behind. Goblins put up hard fight but party prevail again.

After fight Replacement Magic-User scouted out rest of base. Replacement Magic-User comes across two Drugars but retreats trying not to raise alarm. This plan does not work. This when things start to go wrong.

Party check out smaller rooms then try large double doors. Replacement Magic-User lead way, opening one of the doors and snaeking through followed by Sk’ar and Goat Boy. Straight into ambush. Giant Dires Wolves, two Drugars warriors, hobgoblins archers, hobgoblins shaman and hobgoblins warrior.

Fight befgins but party are outpowered – even Sk’ar! Goat Boy calls for a retreat in traditional Tiefling manner and Sk’ar and Replacement Magic-User pull back. Unfortunately Goat Boy is unable to manouver from fight and gets smashed to the ground complaining all the way. Sk’ar prepared to charge back to resuce Goat Boy but Replacement Magic-User steps into Feywild, grabs Goat Boy and drags Goat Boy out of chamber.

Ambushers slam doors shut and partry are left licking wounds and wondering how to face reversal of fortunes.



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