The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 15

Sk'ar goes to big mountain

Once Bloodbane at Fallcrest Bloodbane see Lord Warden and tell off great adventures and new quest. Lord Warden not bothered enough to send city guards to catch hobgoblins. Lord Warden offers to make Bloodbane knights of Fallcrest but party Sk’ar must be free to follow will of Holy Bahamut.

Bloodbane are invited to visit Lady Allanda Markelhay, wife of the Lord Warden and Mistress to Elisa Darkbane – Lady Mage Sk’ar rescued from kobolds weeks ago. Lady Lord Warden traded ritual to create magic items in return for future quest.

Elf Wizard spent night learning the ritual and enchanting Sk’ar’s plate armour into Dwarven plate.

Bloodbane marched acroos country to reach Thunderspire, just hours after Bloodreavers. Sk’ar gets feeling no matter when Sk’ar had set off Sk’ar would not have reached Thunderspire before Reavers.

Bloodbane set off inot interior of Thunderspire. After few hours party meet Tiefling called Martaros. Tiefling lures party into trap by black goblins. Bloodbane kill goblins but Tiefling escapes.

Bloodbane heard sounds of argument coming from a chamber. Sk’ar sees a halfling cornered by Bloodreaver hobgoblins. Party fight and kill hobgoblins although Sk’ar is paralysed by incompetent spell cast by Goat Boy.

Thankful halfling, called Rendil, confirmed hobgoblins were Bloodreavers and that he knew the location of main base, the “Chamber of eyes”. Rendil promised to give the party a map or to guide then there but first took party to the Seven Pillar hall, the local gathering place.



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