The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 14

Sk'ar makes new friend, fights goblins from Fey Wild

Sk’ar and Bloodbane return again to Winterhaven for big celebration thrown by Lord Warden. Much merriment ensues.

The next day Bloodbane are called to meet Lord Warden. Bloodbane meet Nailin, an Elf Ranger and brother to Elf Flower Seller. This Elf not pale and skinny like Elf Wizard or dark and mysterious like Replacement Magic User. New Elf looks robust and hardy. Sk’ar is glad Sk’ar doesn’t have to educate this ranger like the last Elf ranger Sk’ar met.

Lord Warden explains that New Elf has brought news of Chief Kram and Bloodreavers taking prisoners to sell as slaves. Bloodreavers are heading for meeting with slavers near Thunder Mountain to north.

Bllodbane set off on forced march to try and head off Bloodreavers. Sk’ar and New Elf have stamina to spare on journey, not so much rest of Bloodbane.

In woods south of Fallcrest weather changes mysteriously – becomes heavy snow and ice. Going is hard. Bloodbane spy a small wagon train that has been pillaged by goblins led by Goblin Shaman.

Sk’ar leads attack. Actually, Sk’ar attacks with Sk’ar’s wingman Goat Boy. Rest of Bloodbane go for ranged attack option. New Elf’s bow skills are impressive and deadly.

Fight with Frost Goblins is long and furious. Terrian makes hard going for Sk’ar. Many wounds are taken and Frost Goblins prove resilient to the end. Eventually, Bloodbane prevail.

Sk’ar wishes to build funeral pyre to show poor, dead traders respect. Heathen Elf Wizard and Goat Boy object but Sk’ar insists it right thing to do.

Bllodbane follow tracks of Frost Goblins and realise wood is area of weak boundary between Earth and Fey Wild and Frost Goblins have crossed over. No sign of more goblins so Blodbane continue journey and reach Fallcrest.



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