The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 13

Sk'ar fights blue slime

After rest Bloodbane return to the Keep of Shadowfellonce again. We visit Ghost Paladin. Sk’ar is worried that rift is unprotected and whether Sk’ar should stay to keep rift guarded. Ghost Paladin tells Sk’ar that stars changed their alignment and rift would be far hard to breach. No need for Sk’ar to stay. Bloodbane then return statuettes of Holy Bahamut to hiding place in alter.

Bloodbane then explore maze of caves. Splug scouts again.

Bloodbane are attacked by smorgasbord of giant rats! Bloodbane also attacked by Kruthik which Sk’ar and Elf Wizard have fought before.

Bloodbane find pair of giant bronze doors with warning scratched into them. Splug says this water supply for keep before doors sealed order of Hobgoblins. Inside is large chamber mostly filled with pool of water.

Suddenly giant Blue slime burst out of water and attacks. Slime slames doors locking out Splug, Elf Wizard and Replacement Magic User and trapping IN Sk’ar and Goat Boy. Fight is long and hard but Bloodbane prevail.

Bloodbane find some treasure and magic items and message cylinder.

Message is signed Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers. Sk’ar suspects Bloodreavers will be next to taste justice of Holy Bahamut….



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