The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 12

Sk'ar gets Goat Boy back, loses Replacement Magic User, gets Replacement Magic User back

By the grace and power and benevolence of almighty Bahamut a miracle happens.

Shadowfell portal opens again and arm of Goat Boy repappears dragged by statue of Holy Bahamut. Sk'ar grabs arm and grags Goat Boy from portal. Alive!

Any reference to grief and bereavements of Sk'ar should be ignored. Sk'ar must have written under influence of befuddling magic. Obviously Goat Boy being from demonic race saved Goat Boy from destruction. Sk'ar tells Goat Boy to stop malingering.

Sk'ar gets Splug to throw down war hammer and dedecorates temple of Orcus. Then Bloodbane scale ropes to upper temple and begin to withdraw from catacombs. Bloodbane investigate "Danger" doorway before departure. Splug checks for traps. Splug seems to have grown a pair now Splug is on full share of treasure.

Doorway leads to a side passage and rooms. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and ghouls. Fight is tough but Bloodbane are prevailing. Suddenly Replacement Magic User is attacked by giant gelatinous cube. Sk'ar thinks gain of capricious gods with manuals of monsters. Replacement Magic User is enveloped by poisonous cube. Bloodbane fight hard to free Replacement Magic User. Sk'ar thinks a throwing hammer might have rescued Replacement Magic User but even Elf Wizard's fey walking cannot free comrade. By time cube is destroyed Replacement Magic User is dying.

Replacement Magic User is beyond healing powrs of Sk'ar but Elf Wizard comes to rescue. Elf Wizard uses ritual to place body and soul of Replacement Magic User in stasis. Bloodbane withdraw from keep and return to Winterhaven.

Wnterhaven is under close guard. Town is being attacked at night by undead from local cemetary. Bloodbane argue for wentry of Splug and promise best behavour. Bloodbane report on findings at keep to local lord and take body of Replacement Magic User to temple. Priestess takes body and begins a ritual to reunite body and soul of Replacement Magic User.

Party return to tavern for hot food and sleeps.

In morning Replacement Magic User returns to Bloodbane. Replacement Magic User is weak but alive again. Sk'ar has plan for Splug to test list of traitor suspects by pretense of memebership of Orcus cult. Number one suspect, Elf Ranger, not in Winterhaven. Splug tests Elf Hippy, Priestess and Innkeeper. All pass test.

Blodbane make way to cemetary. Bloodbane are attacked by zombies and dreadhounds under command of real traitor, Elf Ranger. Bloodbane fight furiously and destroy foul creatures. Sk'ar explains Sk'ar's views on membership of cult of Orcus to Elf Ranger. Last thing that goes through mind of Elf Ranger is Sk'ar's sword.



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