The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 11

Sk'ar loses Goat Boy

Sk'ar writes chapter with heavy, heavy heart.

After Bloodbane move past trap statue room zombies attack. Tough fight but Bloodbane prevail. Small clay gargoyle with paralysis powers escapes. Bloodbane follow gargoyle down more stairs. Double doors lead to huge temple carved from rocks under keep – Temple to Orcus. Temple has river of blood – is place of foulest evil.

Bloodbane progress into temple. Sk'ar calls out a challenge in mname of Holy Bahamut. Bloodbane are attacked by undead vampires, wights and followers of Orcus – priest and beserker.

Fight is long and hard. Elf Wizard casts many spells, Replacement Magic User throws many curses. Goat Boy uses much battle magic, Sk'ar uses many blessings from Bahamut. Bloodbane are battered but voctorious. Sk'ar takes beserkers war hammer and smashes altar to Orcus. Sk'ar thinks battle over – evil averted – Winterhaven saved.

Sk'ar is wrong.

Party realise there is a further temple to Orcus through a blood soaked grill. Bloodbane are weakened but determined. Sk'ar lets down rope and begins to climb down.

Sk'ar is attacked from below! Is High Priest of Orcus and a wraith servant. Sk'ar decides to try to drop into bloody pool below but evil luck dogs Sk'ar and Sk'ar falls badly. High Priest takes up position in glowing runes in front of dark portal.

Sk'ar struggles to feet and faces High Priest. Goat Boy bravely jumps down to aid Sk'ar. Elf Wizard and Repalcement Magic User follow after.

Replacement Magic User hurls spells at wraith but evil luck dogs him. Goat Boy and Sk'ar battle mighty High Priest. Sk'ar and Goat Boy are weakened and injured but fight on. Sk'ar is shamed to say Sk'ar felt fear of defeat for first time and despair began to overtake Sk'ar. Sk'ar took heart from his brave companions and battled to Sk'ar's last breath. Dark temtacles come from portal and try to grab Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Sk'ar is struck down by High Priest but Elf Wizard manages to revive him. Goat Boy fights on. Sk'ar fights on. Sk'ar is struck down again and again. Elf Wizard rouses Sk'ar each time.

Goat Boy is struck down. Replacment Magic User battles wraith. Sk'ar charges High Priest and pushes High Priest from circle of power. Tentacles grab Goat Boy. Elf Wizard saves Goat Boy from tentacles. Sk'ar fights on with High Priest delivering many deadly blows but High Priest is hard to fell. Goat Boy is grabbed again by dark tentacles. Elf Wizard tries to save Goat Boy but dark tentacles pull Goat Boy through portal into Shadowfell where all living things are destroyed.

Replacment Magic User triumphs over wraith and destroys foul creature. Elf Wizard blasts High Priest, Sk'ar deleivers a final blow and High Priest topples. Dark tentacles grab High Priest and drag evil being through portal to destruction.

But Goat Boy is gone. Sk'ar wants to leap through portal but Elf Wizard stops Sk'ar. Nothing can live in Shadowfell. Sk'ar would die too.

Sk'ar is bereft. It is Dragonborn way that any eho take up arms with Dragonborn are made family. All of Bllodbane are family to Sk'ar. More impoprtant to Sk'ar than throwing hammers or rats. Sk'ar has lost his brother.

And Cult of Orcus have made huge mistake. Sk'ar battled cult for Bahamut, for decency, for goodness but not personal.

Now Sk'ar slays them all for Goat Boy.

Every. Last. One.



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