The Secret Diary of Sk'ar Bloodbane

Chapter 10

Sk'ar fights more hobgoblins, and more hobgoblins and..

This strange chapter for Sk'ar to write as Sk'ar and Bloodbane spend rest of day fighting many hobgoblins. Each fight drains Bloodbane more. Hobgoblins are really tough opponents and have formation fighting down to fine art.

Sk'ar thought Bloodbane would be taken down in final battle with hobgoblins leader. Battle uses nearly all spells and holy gifts of Sk'ar and Goat Boy. Many wounds taken – not by Replacement Magic User and Elf Wizard though. Elf Wizard spends much time hiding behind doors these days. Still, handy to have blast spells when enemies are not ready. Elf Wizard kills many.

Sk'ar must admit that despite coming from a race formerly in league with a foul demon entity and tainted forever by it's evil stain, Goat Boy is handy comrade to have around in a battle. Sk'ar still thinks a throwing hammer would help though.

After Sk'ar cleaves hobgoblins leaders head from shoulders, Bloodbane gather loot. Splug gets magic short swords for Splugs share.

Bloodbane find a mysterious chamber. There is passage boarded up and large room nearby with giant stone statue. As Bloodbane try to cross room find statue is trap and swats Goat Boy and Sk'ar with stony sword. Smaller dragons statues breath fire, cherub statues trap unwary in watery tomb. Whole room is bigs magical and mechanical trap. Must be something important on others side…



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